Our Purpose

The Westlake Accessible Programming Club, or simply APC, is an in-school venture to help explain basic logical concepts in a way that tailors to students’ individual learning styles. With three skilled mentors secured for the club, (Joseph JinEli Bradley, and Sam Hollenbeck,) whose games and utilities have already managed to pass Apple’s strict App Review process, we think exploration of the concepts that power everything from server to front-end will be easier than ever. Also, we aim to recruit the best of our members into the board for our app publisher, the ‘API Abusers.’

Current Projects



A Swift 3.0 library meant as a skeleton for low-level neural nets and other important models in deep learning. It's also meant to teach a bit about data structures in the newest version of Swift.

Swift VCS

A Swift 3.0 application meant to manage an interface to all sorts of git providers, like GitHub Enterprise and GitLab CE/EE servers.

Archived Projects

Death Dodger

Death Dodger

Our first game: You need to move Jim left and right to avoid being killed by the Falling Sky Knives in this awesome SpriteKit template. Free to use and free to play from the monkeys behind the curtain.
Flappy Smasher

Flappy Smasher

A simple Swift 3.0 game, targeting the iOS/tvOS SDK 9.3, about shooting down flappy birds. We think it's a great resource to learn about Collection type behaviour in the newest version of Swift.
Immolation Organization

Immolation Organization

Our 2016 submission to the GitHub Game Off (We won!), and the prequel to Death Dodger. In it, you moderate a mob of baddies with the intent of hacking away at and destroying alien spacecrafts!

How We Won the Game Off
Written by Eli Bradley

The story of our decision to study and procrastinate—giving us only six days to develop one of GitHub’s favorite games. 
View the source.

Westlake GPA

A Swift 3.0 application for managing course grades and GPA. It shows how to add and implement complex cell-based UIViews and data serialization in the latest version of Swift.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings will happen in Mr. Rosier's room (276) at 4:15 PM on Thursdays, and may last for about an hour. We encourage you to come and see what's up! However, the meetings are always voluntary for students. We can always message you the meeting summaries, and in fact, most work gets done elsewhere! Whatever schedule complications you have, we're willing to adapt to them.

NOTE: During the summer, meetings usually occur on Sundays, but the time and place is always subject to change. Please check our Slack to see when we schedule our meetings.

Want to join yet?

All Eanes ISD students are eligible to participate! Contact Eli BradleyJoseph Jin, or Lynn Rosier for more information on signing up. If you just can't wait, you can start today by signing up for our Slack group  to shadow our light-hearted development talk, or cloning our GitHub projects. We'd be delighted to have extra members, however inexperienced!

Open Source

As a software development club, we're actively involved in the open source community! Wherever possible, projects will be licensed under Apache 2.0, optionally with Apple's Runtime Library Exception, for maximum compatibility with the Swift.org open source project. However, exceptions may be made, so long as the project license is the least restrictive available of the following:

External Funding Statement

The only external funding as of this time comes from Joseph Jin’s reserves, to maintain and renew the Apple Developer account we publish our apps under. We will never monetize published applications, through ads, in-app purchases, outright fees, or any other method. We reserve the right to accept external donations, or to crowdfund when we do require extra monetary resources.